***Please watch*** This poem was written in one 6 hour sitting. It depicts the lineage of rage and trauma and the cycle of violence and racism black people (from the male lens) have endured generationally in this country. PLEASE take 10 minutes of your day to listen to this. I feel it's my best ever writing. Feedback is welcomed.

Frank Sentwali is the creator of Edu-Poetic Enterbrainment. A Twin Cities based Spoken Word live band performance troupe. He co-facilitates S.E.E.D (Sentwali Entertainment Education Division), along with COMPAS (*make link to Compas.org) presenting programs in schools and community centers

Our goal is to use performance poetry and live music to promote expression, self-reliance and critical thinking, as well as educate children and adults about how spoken word and hip-hop culture evolved, influences and impacts our society.

Reach out today to learn more about our programs.